Creat the Ubuntu Running SD card

Download ubuntu_nanopc_t1_sd_8g.img.tar.gz from our download website, and uncompress it, you will get the ubuntu_nanopc_t1_sd_8g.img.
Uncompress tools advise: 7-Zip tools in windows system; In linux system, Run the command: "tar xvfz *.tar.gz" to uncompress file

Prepare one 8G SD card, insert the Card to PC, and do it In Windows system or Ubuntu system, choose one method to do it.

Creat the Ubuntu system SD card in Windows

1. Download the win32diskimager tools, then upcompress it, you will get the win32diskimager folder.

2. Double click the Win32DiskImager.exe to run it, it will show the follow dialog:

3. In the "Image File" Options, click the folder icon to choose the "ubuntu_nanopc_t1_sd_8g.img" file, and on the "Device“ options, choose the SD card disk name, we choose H disk.

Then CLick "Write" button, it will begin to write the system to SD card, you need to wait some minutes, upto 10 minutes.

Create the Ubuntu system SD card in Ubuntu

In the Ubuntu system, we use the dd command to write the ubuntu_nanopc_t1_sd_8g.img into SD card.

For safe in your PC, we do the shell script to do it, the shell script name is, download it here ( and uncompress it.

The shell script content is as follow:

BLOCK_CNT=`cat /sys/block/${DEV_NAME}/size`
if [ ${BLOCK_CNT} -le 0 ]; then
echo "Error: NO media found in card reader."
exit 1
if [ ${BLOCK_CNT} -gt 32000000 ]; then
echo "Error: Block device size (${BLOCK_CNT}) is too large"
exit 1

set -x
umount ${DEV_NAME}1 2>/dev/null
umount ${DEV_NAME}2 2>/dev/null
umount ${DEV_NAME}3 2>/dev/null
umount ${DEV_NAME}4 2>/dev/null
dd if=${IMG} of=${DEV_NAME} bs=1M 

Insert the SD card into the Ubuntu PC, and the SD card inode is /dev/sdb(Please confirm the right inode name for SD card), the ubuntu_nanopc_t1_sd_8g.img was in the same folder, then do the follow command to write the SD card.

# chmod 777
# sudo ./ /dev/sdb ./ubuntu_nanopc_t1_sd_8g.img

The /dev/sdb is the SD card inode, the ./ means the system image file, because the file is big, so it need wait some minutes, maybe 10 minutes.


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