Getting Start for NanoPC-T1

This article illustrates how to get started with the NanoPC-T1


In order to get started with the NanoPC-T1 Board you need:

  • One NanoPC-T1 Board
  • One Power Supply(DC 5V)
  • One TV with HDMI line(If you want to use the TFT LCD, only insert the TFT LCD to the board, not insert the HDMI TV)
  • Micro USB Line(if you need to debug it with ADB)

NanopC-T1 which contain all you need to follow this article are available on the our webShop. Each single part is also available.

Step By Step Guide

1. Insert the HDMI from NanoPC-T1 to TV.

2. If you want to use the USB mouse or Key, insert it to the board USB Host.

3. Insert the 5V power adapter to the board, and power on the board, you will enter the Android or Ubuntu System on the TV.

The ubuntu may need the password for the ubuntu system,

User name:root

When you enter the system, you can do the follow things:

  • Configure the HDMI Resolution
  • NetWork Connection




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