Creat the Boot SD card by SD-Flasher

NanoC-T1 can support that update the Android system with SD Card, so we should create the Bootloader to the SD card firstly.

  • Insert a SD-card card into the PC(by SD-card reader).
  • run the SD-Flasher.exe tools with administrator privileges, then it will open the dialog that show "Select your Machine", please choose "Mini4412/Tiny4412", and click "Next".
  • Click “Relayout” to layout the SD card disk, then click scan, you will see the follow picture(The Avaliable is Yes):
  • At the "Image File to Fuse:" item, choose the "superboot4412.bin" file.
  • Click Fuse, The superboot.bin will be burn into the SD card.

SD-Flasher.exe Position -> Download
superboot.bin Position ->  Download
Please confirm that you will the Windows7 to run the SD-Flasher, the WinDows XP may have some error.

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