Android5.0.2 experience Edition Desc ription

2015-3-25 update:
1) Fixed issue Android4 HDMI 1080P output of
2) amend the sound playback problems Andorid5

2015-3-21 update:
Increasing the Android 5.0.2 system and source code, Android 5.0.2 system support Tiny4412, Super4412, NanoPC-T1, the main system features are as follows:
1) kernel version for Linux 3.0.86, compared to the previous version made a lot of optimization;
2) Support HDMI output (support 1080P), can be synchronized with the LCD, with a resolution setting and boundary adjustment function;
3) Support Ethernet, support automatic connection with setting interface, you can use StaticIP or DHCP network connection;
4) support the use of USB WiFi card to connect WiFi networks;
5) support video playback hardware solution;
6) 2D / 3D performance, the latest version of security Bunny ran sub reached 20,006 thousand points (using Super4412 test);
7) Support SD card and U disk automatically mount.
8) Support adb debugging;
9) support for gravity sensing;
10) The screen supports S700 / S702 / HD700 / HD101 capacitive touch screen;
11) has integrated the latest version of Google Apps, including Google Play, Gmail and other official application;
12) Support to adjust the volume;
13) Support for screen brightness adjustment;
14) Support infrared remote control;
15) support Android hardware access interface:, comes with serial ports, LED, PWM, A / D, IIC, GPIO, SD card access interface, USB camera, camera and other sample source code.
16) Support ZTE MF210 3G module, you can use Unicom 3G internet and send and receive SMS;
17), etc., more features waiting for you to dig ah;


Download the system source code and system image for here:


System show:

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