NanoPC-T1 system development Manual

Android System OS

A. Quickly Start for Android system 

1 NanoPC-T1 Android User method

  1. Getting Start for NanoPC
  2. Configure the HDMI output Resolution
  3. Surf the Internet by Ethernet/WiFi
  4. Volume adjustment
  5. Enter System Command Line via Debug serial port

2 Update the Android system to NanoPC-T1

  1. Creat the Boot SD card by SD-Flasher
  2. Copy the Images to the Boot SD card
  3. Android system Update

B. System Development for Android system 

1 Install the Android system development Environment

  1. Insatll the Ubuntu 12.04.2 System
  2. Confirg the Ubuntu
  3. prepare the System for Android develop
  4. Install Cross compile tools
  5. Install the Android 4.2.2 Source code

2 Confige and build Linux kernel

3 Build the Android from source code

4 Creat the Root file system

C. Applation Development for Android system 

1 Install the APP Development environment

  1. Insatll the JDK(Jave SE Development Kit)
  2. Install Android SDK
  3. Insatll android packages
  4. Insatll the Eclipse
  5. Install Android Development Tools
  6. Configure Eclipse
  7. Create the Android Emulator
  8. Development the first Android APP
  9. Create the Hello project
  10. Run the Hellp project in Emulator
  11. Create the Android Debug Environment base on the NanoPC

2 Control the hardware in Android

  1. Use the lib file(
  2. Lib API introduce
  3. Expample for the API use

Ubuntu System OS

A. Quickly Start for Ubuntu system

1 NanoPC-T1 Ubuntu User method

  1. Getting Start for NanoPC
  2. Enter System Command Line via Debug serial port

2 Create the SD Ubuntu card(run ubuntu on SD card)

  1. Creat the Ubuntu Running SD card
  2. Run the Ubuntu system On SD card
  3. Configure the HDMI output Resolution

3 Update the Ubuntu System to FLash on board

  1. Install the Ubuntu system on board eMMC Flash 
  2. Configure the HDMI output Resolution

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