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The idea behind a tiny and cheap computer for kids came in 2013, the FriendlyARM Team have more exprience in developing the Samsung Cortex Board, but the Cortex-A8/A9 board is expansive for using it in quantity, so we begin to development the tiny and cheap computer-NanoPC Box series.


At present, we finished the Nano-T1 development, and in the future we will released the NanoPC-T2, T3 base on the cortext-A9/A8 and so on...


Our engineers are also enthusiastic about new projects and take pride in new designs that are on the cutting edge of the embedded marketplace. Custom designs are a large part of our business and, with our experience team of embedded engineers, we can provide our client a custom solution at a price that competes with an in-house design.


NanoPC Team insists on a simple business belief : To create high-quality low-cost products.


The NanoPC Box is is a China registered charity.













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